KECO 1/2" x 36" Lateral Tension Tool (LTT) with Centipedes

SKU: 410-8454

NEW from KECO ! Patent Pending.

The latest LTT design from KECO incorporates a larger 1/2" threaded rod along with wider stationary and drive shoes to apply pressure perpendicular to KECO Centipedes. This allows use with an offset where the rod can be above and below work areas or body lines.

The KECO LTT (Lateral Tension Tool) provides technicians with lateral tension to improve metal flow during a glue pull repair. The release of tension with a lateral motion from crown areas promotes needed relief when pulling large dents and collision damage from panels, doors, seams, and body lines. Combine the LTT with the K-Beam®, K-Bar® or other KECO premium GPR tool. Recommended with KECO's high strength PDR glue to pull the deepest dents from virtually all metals used in vehicle composition.

  • Stationary Bearing Shoe - precision machinedsteel block for drive thread bearing support and parallel centipede engagement
  • Threaded Drive Shoe - machined steel drive block machined for parallel centipede engagement
  • 1/2" Threaded Drive Rod - strong precision machined with bearing sleeve, hex head, and retaining screw
  • Tension Knob and Hex Nut - hand turn for precise tension and finesse while pulling damage or use a power drill on the hex nut for faster adjustments
  • Includes 4 KECO Blue Centipede Tabs - (2) each 25mm x 156 mm (1 x 6 in) rigid centipedes and (2) each 56mm x 152mm (6" x 1.5") rigid centipedes with lateral-pull hole