JVF Re-Tension System

SKU: 392-RE-T01

Introducing the Auto Panel RE-tensioning System

Upgrade your auto repair and restoration processes with the RE-tension Body Panel repair System. This innovative technology is designed to revolutionise the way bodywork professionals address dents, dings, and Dented panels on vehicles.

Product Overview:

he RE-Tensioning System is a state-of-the-art solution that combines modern engineering principles with practical design to provide an advanced method of restoring vehicle body panels to their original shape. This system is tailored for automotive repair shops, collision centers, and car enthusiasts who demand accuracy, efficiency, and exceptional results.

  • Feet - usable with straps lock on to D-ring / foot straps on the glueable feet. Look at the tool video on the main page
  • Includes Beams for (2) Lengths - (2) x 60 cm extrusion beam to make a 60 cm or 23,62 inches lateral RE-tension tool and (2) x 120 cm extrusion beam to make a 120 cm or 47,24 inches lateral RE-tension tool
  • Also Includes - (2) x plastic black glue-able Ball feet (2) x Metal straps for black ball feet to pull the tabs with straps or chain. (1) x Attachable Glue pull lifter with adapter for KECO TabTrack adapters for Centipedes and all sorts of glue tabs. 1 x movable sliding/locking leg interchangeable for RE-tension system extrusions. 1 x movable sliding/locking carriage with tension system and tension springs. Everything on the system photo is included