JVF Ergo Power Arm - A-1 Connector (Left Handed)

SKU: 410-8380-A1L

This ergonomic handle allows you to push dents with ease and stability previously unimaginable. The arm support alleviates fatigue while preventing wrist strain while the ergonomic grips give you the finesse and leverage necessary to conquer even the toughest dents. Compatible with A1 style door tools including those from A1, Tequila and more, this handle is a must-have in any professional’s toolbox.

  • Universal A1 Connector - Easily connects to your favorite door tools with A1 style index handles including those from A1, Tequila and more
  • Increased Leverage - Multiply your muscle with the specially designed handle and arm support for increased leverage allowing you to push even the most stubborn dents
  • Ergonomic Grip - Molded in finger wells provide maximum control giving you the finesse necessary for intricate and hard to reach dents
  • Alleviate Strain - Keep your wrist aligned and leverage the strength of your forearm to maximize your pushing power and prevent fatigue
  • Multi-Purpose - The flexible design allows this handle to be used when working with doors, hoods, roofs and quarter panels making this a must-have in any toolbox