SuperTab® Adapter

SKU: 410-6002-THR

KECO’s K-Bar lifting system can also be configured for use with our Super Tab glue pulling tabs. Using the Super Tab adapter & Slide Hammer adapter, a high strength, mechanical joint can be achieved between the Super Tab and the K-Bar. The combination creates a robust, stable, and repeatable joint that allows the technician adjust lifting pressure and dent manipulation without additional focus on the tab stem.

To take full advantage of this mechanism, begin by carefully removing the threaded bolt from the Super Tab.  Re-insert the threaded adapter. Carefully prepare the metal surface for glue pulling and adding adhesive to the face of the Super Tab. Taking care not to disrupt the tab’s glue bond, position the T-Nut of the super tab into the corresponding slot on the K-Bar. Slide in until a positive fit is achieved.  Once this is accomplished, lifting and dent manipulation can begin.

To remove, slide the adapter out of T-nut on the corresponding slot on the K-Bar. The Super Tab adapter can be unscrewed from the Super Tab base. Use traditional methods to remove the Super Tab from the metal surface.