KECO K-Stick Leverage Bar

SKU: 410-8389

The KECO K-Stick® Hustle Stick provides technicians with the leverage necessary to pull large dents and collision damage from panels, doors, seams, body lines and more. Combine the K-Stick® Hustle Stick with high strength PDR glue and tabs to pull the deepest dents and collision damage from virtually all metals used in vehicle composition.

  • Locking Sliding Saddle - angles up to 60º and slides 52.5" allowing pulls on hard to reach places like rocker panels
  • Pivoting Fulcrum Foot and Pad - pivots over 210º
  • Comfort Grip Handle - creates ergonomic grip for leverage
  • Includes 1 Chain - Adjustable pick up point and saddle for more adjustability during repair
  • Includes 1 Locking Adapter - supports all KECO Centipede crease, dead center, and lateral tabs when used with carabiner