Centipede® Variety Pack Flexible Crease Glue Tab - Short (8 Pieces)

SKU: 410-8231

The Keco Centipede Crease tabs are highly versatile for use in large damage dent repair. Their linear design is engineered for repairing crease shaped panel damage along body lines—compatible with both steel and aluminum panels. Centipede tabs are ideal for repairing deep dents and complex damage. Available with both rigid and flexible spines with your choice of rigid ice or flexible blue materials, Centipede tabs are a workhorse and essential for non-invasive collision repair.

  • Thin Flexible Base - for very shallow dents with extreme changes in body contour; the most flexible of the Centipede crease tabs
  • Flexible Base and Spine - provides flexibility shallow dents with extreme changes in body contour
  • Thin Flexible Base - Allows the tab to twist to accommodate extreme changes in body contour
  • Blue Material - flexible formula allows for a solid pull and vibration absorbing hold