KECO GPR Technician Companion System with Shop Cart

SKU: 410-8416-TC-S

Designed with the Technician in mind to compliment shops already utilizing the L2E System.

The Technician Companion Kit is intended to cover a smaller percentage of collision shop repairs to work in unison with L2E Collision System. This allows technicians to work from the central L2E for larger tools and address a smaller percentage of damage with the satellite Technician Companion Kit. This is one more innovation from KECO based on job mapping and learnings from hundreds of in-shop training sessions where we have had the opportunity to see GPR repairs evolve first-hand.

Partial Capability

The Technician Companion Kit allows technicians to approach mid-range damage within the repair continuum with confidence.

  • Companion Toolset - The Technician Companion Kit allows technicians to work off the L2E Shop System. This cart provides you with frequently used tools when repairing, giving multiple technicians the ability to utilize the L2E at once
  • Limited Capability - The K-Bar and Slide Hammer are great tools to reduce large damage with the Centipedes and SuperTabs. The Robo Mini Lifter allows small damage correction with a limited selection of crease and finish tabs.
  • Tab Selection - Includes a limited selection of Centipedes and SuperTabs for large damage as well as a common selection of smaller Crease and Dead Center tabs for detail corrections
  • Storage & Organization - KECOs Compact GPR Cart, TabPrints organizer, along with the Z-Channel platform store glue gun, heat gun, thermometer, and glue to keep tools and tabs clean and organized in any shop